Hi there! My name is Rebecca and I'm a painter based in Papamoa Beach. I've been exploring the world of painting since my 20s when I started experimenting with acrylics before transitioning to oils. My style is all about layering thin glazes of paint, which allows me to create rich colours and intricate details over time.

As an artist, I am constantly inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Every walk is an opportunity to notice the intricate details of blooms and their interesting growth patterns. I am drawn to the way each petal is unique, and how they all work together to create their own stunning masterpiece. I love the challenge of capturing these details on canvas.

Flowers are a symbol of love, hope and joy and I strive to capture that essence in my artwork. Whether it's through a realistic still life or an one of my petal interpretations, I aim to showcase the grace and elegance of these natural wonders.

I hope that my paintings convey the emotions I feel when I am surrounded by the beauty of nature.

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