The Art of Quality Prints: Giclée Printing

As an artist, I pour my heart and soul into creating each artwork, investing many hours over many months. That's why it’s so important to me that every print of my artwork is of high quality and captures the essence of my original creation. Let’s delve into the world of quality prints and explore why investing in the right printing methods can make all the difference.

The Power of 12-Colour Ink-Jet Printing:
Just as my creative process involves layers of paint to create rich colours, the use of a 12-colour ink-jet printing system in giclée printing allows for an extraordinary level of detail and nuance to be reproduced in each print. One of the key distinctions between home printers and professional giclée printers lies in the number of ink colours used. While a standard home printer usually utilizes four colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black), specialist giclée printers employ a 12-colour ink-jet system. This expanded colour gamut capturing the subtle shades, gradients, and textures that make my artwork unique. It's through this advanced technology that my prints truly come alive, showcasing the intricate beauty that I've worked so hard to achieve.

Archival Inks:
Archival inks are specifically formulated to resist fading and maintain their vibrant colours over time. These pigment-based inks are designed to be fade-resistant and have a much longer lifespan compared to dye-based inks commonly found in standard home printers. By utilizing archival inks, giclée printers ensure that the prints retain their original beauty and colour integrity for decades, providing a lasting legacy for both artists and art enthusiasts alike.

The Role of Archival Paper:
Just as I carefully select the materials for my artwork, the choice of archival paper is paramount in preserving the quality of my prints. Archival paper is crafted with the utmost care, incorporating acid-free and lignin-free properties that prevent yellowing and deterioration over time. Its exceptional durability and longevity guarantee that my prints will endure, telling the story of my artistic journey for years to come.

Caring for Your Art Prints:
To ensure the longevity of my prints, proper care and handling are of utmost importance. Much like how I delicately handle my original artwork, I recommend displaying prints away from direct sunlight, excessive humidity, and extreme temperature changes. By adhering to these simple precautions and using acid-free matting and framing materials, my prints can maintain their original splendour and serve as a cherished part of your art collection. For more tips on how to care for you prints click here.

My dedication to creating artwork that resonates with viewers is reflected not only in the hours spent perfecting each piece but also in the meticulous process selecting a printer who produces high-quality prints. Through the use of 12-colour ink-jet printers, archival inks, and carefully selected archival paper, my prints capture the essence and emotion infused into every stroke of my brush. It is my hope that these prints will bring you joy and inspiration.

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