What's a cash and carry exhibition?

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’ve gone to exhibitions I’ve been unsure how to buy the art I love. I know it’s for sale, but what does ‘cash and carry’ mean? Do I need cash? Can I take it home or does it get delivered later? Sometimes it just seems all too hard, so I browse the work and miss taking my favourite piece home.

Cash and Carry is a type of exhibition where artwork is displayed and is available for purchase. It operates like a retail shop. When you purchase the piece you like, you will pay for it and take it home with you. Contrary to the name there are often several payment methods. You won’t need to carry cash with you.

Cash and Carry is a rotation of Artist works. Once a piece is sold and taken home, another piece will be placed on the wall.

When you see the piece that you love, all you need to do is find a staff member (often they are Artists volunteering) and let them know that you would like to purchase a piece. Next to the piece is the artist's name, the name of the piece, the price and a code number.

TIP: If you love an artist's work, ask if they have more pieces for sale that you can look at. You may be able to buy two lovely pieces in a series just by asking to see the other work.


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