Enhancing Customer Experience with Stickerdot's Branded Stickers in the creative industry

One of the initial steps I took upon entering the realm of selling prints of my original artwork was to create a logo. While this might seem unconventional for an artist, prioritizing brand creation was essential to my success. Drawing from my background in marketing, I recognized the dual role I play as both a creator and a small business owner within the creative industry. To thrive in this capacity, establishing a strong brand identity was paramount. This led me to prioritize the creation of a logo—a seemingly simple yet pivotal step in building my brand. 

Establishing a brand identity transcends my artwork; it serves as a communication tool conveying professionalism. As an artist I specialises in painting the detail of blooms and that attention to detail needs to extend from my paintings to my packaging. One of the invaluable tools in solidifying my brand identity has been Stickerdot's branded stickers. These stickers not only bear my logo but also serve as a seal for my artwork, prompting customers to engage with my brand as they unwrap their purchases. Moreover, as many customers acquire my art as gifts, the presence of a logo sticker on the packaging ensures that the recipient knows the artist behind the piece is “Rebecca Mathews Artist”, further amplifying brand recognition. 

What sets Stickerdot's stickers apart is their versatility and quality. Opting for the matte design, I appreciate their silky-smooth texture and easy peel-off backing. The individual stickers also allow for personalized interactions, such as handing them out to children at events, thereby leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.  Another way I use the stickers to ‘stick in peoples minds’ is to affix them to my paintbrush jar which ensures instant brand recognition during live painting sessions or when filming reels.

Beyond stickers, I utilize thank you cards from Stickerdot, which carry my website and social media handles. These serve as subtle yet effective marketing tools, extending my brand's reach and fostering connections with customers beyond the point of sale.

Their stickers have been instrumental in elevating my brand identity and enhancing the overall customer experience. As I continue to grow my small art business, I am grateful to StickerDot for the role they play in amplifying my brand's presence within the creative industry. 

Rebecca Mathews is a botanical artist based in Papamoa Beach, New Zealand. She is known for her elegant and intricate oil paintings.  Her style is all about layering thin layers of paint which allow the light to bounce through creating neuroses of colour and tone. 

IG & FB @rebeccamathewsartist

Collaboration between Stickerdot and Rebecca Mathews Artist

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